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*NEW* SMS Messages

Before I created the Gratitude-Rocks website, I used to send “Mike’s Monday Morning Motivational Messages” (MMMMM) by SMS to my friends.

I quickly had more and more people asking to be added to my weekly mailing, and within a very short space of time I was sending text messages to thousands of friends.

This naturally led to the free email service (via the Gratitude-Rocks website).

Following a number of requests, I have decided to once again, offer the MMMMM SMS service.

You can now optin to receive “Mike’s Monday Morning Motivational Messages” (MMMMM) on your mobile phone every week with a modest subscription of only $47 per annum (or $5 payable monthly).

You may unsubscribe at any time simply by ceasing your contributions.  This offer is valid and same rate regardless of the country you are in.

Click the subscribe button now and then you will be taken to a form to complete your mobile cell phone number.

PS. as another wee bonus, all subscribers will also be able to instantly download “The Secret Promise” plus unannounced Bonuses plus plus

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