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You Are Loved

You Are Loved (song by Josh Groban)

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  2. You Are Loved

  3. You Are Loved #Gratitude

  4. BestYearEver You Are Loved

  5. You Are Loved

  6. Anitavirginillo Jan 21st 2011

    Thanks so much Mike, as a dear friend once told me “you are a light in mundane existance” & I could say the same thing about you. Shine on Mike!!

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  8. Gerryusselman Jan 22nd 2011

    Thanks Mike! I really appreciate all that you do.

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  10. *YOU* are *STELLAR* A STAR* YOU* know whom *YOU* ARE! Love *YOU* Take time for *YOU* VALUE YOU* as I do….

  11. You Are Loved #gratitude

  12. Great web page with Inspirational qutoes/sayings/poems and videos<3
    Keep on Keeping On<3

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  14. Showofhands919 Jan 23rd 2011

    ” To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world “

  15. thank you for all you are and all that others share with you! Blessings of deep peace extended to YOU.

  16. Sometimes we need to hear it.

  17. Sueayley Jan 28th 2011

    This video will lift anyones spirit. Enjoy…

  18. James Vernon Feb 4th 2011

    I must say that I was pleasantly surprised!!!

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